At CLASSICSNL you will find a wide array of classic cars and accessories on offer, all under one roof. CLASSICSNL is a Dutch exhibition with an international appearance and flair. As the name clearly indicates, at CLASSICSNL the focus will be on classic cars. But not just any car! the range varies from cars in good to excellent condition, to used-for-racing. Any brand, covering all price ranges and from the exceptionally rare to the ever popular. Representatives of the media are more than welcome during CLASSICSNL.

Representatives of the media are more than welcome during CLASSICSNL. The press room is located immediately next to the entrance. This will also be the organisation’s base during the exhibition. You can register here for inclusion in CLASSICSNL’s press files. This will keep you updated on all the latest news regarding the exhibition.

Press cards will permit access to the desired event when visiting WTC Expo. The press are welcome to use the parking facilities. If you would like to receive a press card for the exhibition, when you have any questions, or when you require press information, please do not hesitate to contact the exhibition manager.

Femke Beekink
Heliconweg 52 8914 AT Leeuwarden
Postbus 1144 8900 CC Leeuwarden
T: 058 – 2941 500