Privacy Statement

WTC Expo ltd. respects the privacy of all visitors of its website and makes sure that all private information provided to us will be handled discretely. All information that you provide through the website of WTC Expo ltd. will only be used internally and will not be shared with third parties. The goal of this website is to provide information. Private information will only be registered and used when:

You send us an e-mail
You apply to a job opening
You contact us through the contact form
You register for our digital newsletter.


With every visit we automatically recognize your (temporary) IP-adress and if applicable the website you are directed from. This information (cookies) is used for security reasons and to prevent fraud. A cookie is a small file that is sent to your device when visiting a website. By using cookies we also make sure that you do not receive the same information with every repeat visit. Cookies are, for example, used to log in automatically. After some time the cookies will be deleted automatically (or manually).

We use this information to analyze your navigation on the website in order to deliver a better user experience. This can mean that the most frequently visited pages and the number of completed contact forms are registered.

We make use of session cookies, which are automatically deleted as soon as you close your browser. Next to this, we make use of unique-id cookies, which show us whether you are a unique or repeat visitor.

Most browsers can be configured in a way that declines cookies automatically or give you a notification before receiving cookies. In most browsers, settings for cookies can be managed under the ‘Help’ button. You can completely disable the use of cookies by Google and its third parties by clicking on the following link:

When cookies are declined, there is a chance that some services or elements of the website do not function optimally. Furthermore it is not possible for us to recognize possible problems (in the field of user experience) on the website or to actively react to these when cookies are declined.

The domain of the site server that sends cookies from this website is On the website general visitor information is registered, like frequently requested pages and the amount of visits. WTC Expo ltd. uses this information to improve its service. In case you have any questions about our privacy policy you can contact us through the contact form on the website.